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Rules / Help

About the game

  • This is a game based on rounds. A game has 7 rounds. Each round has a duration of 1 day.
  • In each round, on the first page of the website, a picture will be displayed containing a image from a place on Earth. Also, a hint will be shown next to the image.
  • The players must identify on the Globe the location given by the image and the hint. They must place the marker to the proper location on Earth's Map to the place indicated by the objective.
  • Points: points are given based on the accuracy. A player has a good accuracy if (s)he has placed the marker close to the real location.
  • The Winner: the player with the best accuracy over the entire week.
  • In the case when multiple players have the same accuracy, the winner will be decided by the total number of correct answers to the tie-break questions.
  • The hint and the objective are shown in the English language.
  • The winner will be decided on Sunday at 20:00 GMT + 2
  • Sunday round is shorter than the others.
  • A player has only one chance to answer to the daily image. After (s)he has chosen the location where (s)he thinks is the closest one to the real location, a set of 11 questions will be shown.
  • The player must answer correctly to these question in the shortest possible time.
  • The answers to the questions will be used as a tie-break method.
  • The UTC questions ignore DST !
  • The site can be displayed in English or Romanian languages. Some information (like Objective and Hint) are always displayed in English.
  • See here (three steps to discover the correct location)


  • Usually, the prize is awarded to the first place, but exceptions may occur.
  • The prize, usually, has a value of 30 RON.
  • The prize depends on:
    • the number of persons which have played the game that week
    • the accuracy achieved by the winner
    • how many times the player won Igeo; a person who won many times will receive a smaller prize in comparison with a person who won fewer times
  • Another prize will be offered to the winner of the month.
  • The prize for winning the month is, usually, 50 RON. If that month, there are fewer than 55 players, the prize will be 25 RON.
  • The players who reach TOP 10 every week or every month will receive virtual coins (OBP = OBO Pound).
  • OBPs are given also as a compensatory prize for players in inferior player classes and who are self-improving their game at the end of each game.
  • The number of coins each player has will increase by an interest rate of 1% each month if the player is active that month.
  • As soon as a player has a minimum number of coins, (s)he can withdraw real money.
  • The current exchange rate is: 1000 OBP = 40 RON
  • Coins update is made every Sunday night or at the beginning of a new month.
  • Information regarding the criteria which has to be met in order to get the full prize in money will be shown on the "Weekly definitions" page.
  • The prize will be given in maximum 30 working days from the end of the game.


  • Anyone can play this game.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • To play, a person needs to register. The registration is also free.
  • To register, a person must have a valid e-mail address.
  • A person must have a SINGLE ACCOUNT. It is strictly forbidden to use more accounts.
  • Team play is NOT ALLOWED.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to use image reverse search engines in order to discover the image.
  • If a player cannot provide a logical justification for how (s)he had found the image, his/her account will be blocked.
  • The rules of the game can be changed at any time without a notification. Each change will appear on this page.
  • There are situations when the image of the day is changed after the round has started. In these cases all the week players will receive 100% accuracy for that round.
  • In the case when a game was won by fraud, the prize will be awarded to the second place.
  • We reserve the right to deny the access to this game to any person without further notice.
  • For more informations, please use the contact form.


    How to register
  1. Go to "Register now !" link.
  2. Fill in all the fields. Also, you have to fill in a captcha code field.
  3. Push "Register !" button.
  4. In the case of errors, fill in the fields with the correct information.
  5. After you register, you will receive a message containing an activation code. The message should arrive in ~ 3 minutes.
    Activate your account
  1. Check your inbox for a mesasge which contains the activation code.
  2. Please, check your spam/junk folders.
  3. Click on the activation link. After that, your account will be fully activated.
    How to play
  1. Login into your account using the username and the password you have chosen.
  2. Take a look at the picture and at the hint. Try to figure out what is the location of the picture.
  3. If you have figured it out, analyze the objective to find out where you have to move the marker to.
  4. Move the marker on the map to the location you have chosen.
  5. Take care of the allowed distance. You have to place the marker inside a radius smaller than the allowed distance to get the maximum points.
  6. After you have chosen the place and push the "Locate it !" button.
  7. Next, 11 questions will be displayed on the screen. You have to answer to these questions in the shortest possible time.
  8. If you have answered perfectly to the question, you will se a message like this: "You have 11/11 answers in 42 seconds.".
  9. Next, if you are asked, you must write your justification for finding the location of the image.
    Change language
  • Go to "Your profile" page and select between English or Romanian languages.

Rounds difficulty

  • Every round has a difficulty level.
  • The level of difficulty will be shown the next day after the current round.
  • There are 3 difficulty levels:
    1. Easy - a round where the picture is found very easy (Ex.: Eiffel Tower, Parliament House, Statue of Liberty)
    2. Hard - to find this kind of image you need to understand the hint and do some extra searches (Ex.: Angel Falls, Columb Statue from Barcelona, Alhambra)
    3. Impossibile - the chances to find these kind of images are very small; you'll need to decode the hint and the objective and use all your knowledge (and some luck) in order to find it (Ex.: A rock in Bering Strait, Architectural element in a building part of Unesco World Heritage)
  • Please, do not ask questions regarding rounds' classification into difficulty levels.

Auto Answer

  • This function can be used when you want to keep an accuracy to a resonable level. It can be used when you can't answer for various reasons (ex: you are gone and you have no access to the Internet).
  • If you don't answer to the image of the day until 23:59 GMT + 2 (Monday to Saturday) or until 19:59 GMT + 2 (Sunday), then "Auto Answer" will answer for you.
  • Pentru a seta "Auto Answer" mergeti la pagina "Profilul tau" si selectati de acolo locatia la care vreti calculatorul sa raspunda pentru dvs.
  • The setting of the Auto Answer Location can be done ONLY ONCE.
  • "Auto Answer" can be enabled or disabled.
  • "Auto Answer" WILL NOT answer for you to the tie-break questions.


The next icons can appear throughout the entire website:
  • Yellow star - Yellow star - the most important one; you get one for every game won
  • Yellow shirt - Yellow shirt - given to the month leader (the player with the best accuracy that month)

TOPs / Rankings

The following rankings are based on game:
  • Week TOP
    • represents the current game standings
    • there is a Week TOP for each game played
  • Month TOP
    • represents the month standings
    • there is a Month TOP for each month played
    • this top is not influenced by weekly TOPs
  • Accuracy (all-time) TOP
    • all-time standings
    • based on players' accuracies
  • Impossible TOP
    • standing based on impossible rounds played
    • a player must play a minimum number of rounds to enter this top
  • Games Won TOP
    • standing based on how many games a player did win
  • Months Won TOP
    • standing based on how many months a player did win (yellow shirts)
  • Consecutive rounds with 100% accuracy TOP
    • standing based on how many consecutive rounds did a player finish with 100% accuracy
  • Round records TOP
    • standing based on how many rounds did a player win
    • round win = the fastest answer with maximum accuracy
  • Absolute round wins TOP
    • standing based on how many rounds did a player win with 100% accuracy
    • the other players must have an accuracy less than 100%
  • Consecutive rounds with maximum corect answers at Q&A - TOP
    • standing based on how many consecutive rounds a player has answered with maximum correct answers at Q&A
  • Experience points TOP
    • standing based on experience points
    • experience points are calculated for each player
    • the formula is secret and based on each individual player game statistics
  • TOP - Players class
    • standing based on answers given to Q&A questions

Player's class

  • Each player has a class which can be seen in its page.
  • The class of each player is calculated based on its performance in Q&A answers.
  • Player's class can change from round to round.
  • The TOP can be seen here.



There can be situations when the site is inaccessible or errors exist which prevent game unfolding. Only in the following situations, the answers given in one round will be automatically corrected:
  • a human error. This can be made by the authors of the site.
  • programming errors.
In the following situations, the answers WILL NOT be automatically corrected:
  • hardware problems - things which do not depend on the site' authors competences.
  • ISPs problems - like interconnections problems
  • programmed downtime - when the unavailability of the website will be announced 3 hours before

The Q&A quizes can be corrected after a game ends because of changes that take part in the World (ex: a new state is born and another is divided (like Sudan), a state changes its flag, errors). In these cases the result of the game will not be altered.

The website was tested using: Page changes
  • This page might change ! Please, check this page from time to time.

Bug finders

  • Players who find bugs in the site (except those that are part from graphic/design) will receive OBP as soon as they report the bugs using the contact form.
  • The sum of OBP awarded will depend on the bug found.
  • Minimum is 15 OBP.

Privacy policy

  • All the informations about a player are strictly confidential. These informations will be used only for the purpose of the game.
  • No data about the player will ever be disclosed to a third party.
  • The players MUST NOT make public on any other site the results of the current game.


  • Most of the information on this site comes from public websites.
  • Image copyrights will be shown the day after the current round.
  • All the images on this website are used only for the game and bring NO money to the owners of the site.


For any other questions you can use the contact form.

Three steps to discover the correct location:

Schemă joc

Locate the image that is displayed every day.

Answer to simple geography quizzes so that you will know the World better.